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This web site is about children's play and folklore. It has rhymes, riddles, jokes, sayings and games which are played by children all over the world.

The information on this website has been learned from reading, watching, listening, talking and, of course, playing.  Some of the information has come from Museum Victoria's Australian Children's Folklore Collection and from two previous exhibitions about children's games: 'You're IT!' in the Children's Museum and 'Tops, Tales and Granny's False Teeth' at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne. Much of the information comes from the children who play the games – they are the experts.

If you want to go back to the start again, there is a hidden button on each page to take you back to the playground.

If you enjoy exploring this site, tell your friends about it and share what you've learned with someone else.   Have fun.

Because the site is in its early development, many of the pages are not yet available, so we hope you will be patient if you click on a link and it doesn't work. We're sorry it's not all working, but you will have some idea of how the whole site will look, and as each section is finished it will be uploaded. We'll work as fast as we can.