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Elastics Terms

The elastic loop usually goes around the ankles at the start of the game. As the game progresses, it is moved up the body to different heights. Each position has a special name, although the names are sometimes different, depending on where the game is played.

There are also special terms for how wide apart the elastics are and for different actions in the game:

Normals (elastic loop placed around both ankles)

Skinnies (elastic loop placed around one ankle)

Fats (elastic is stretched out wider than normal by moving feet apart)

Jogging (jumping sequence is performed whilst running or jogging on the spot. Players must keep their feet moving all the time.)

Diamonds (jumping sequence is performed whilst crossing one side of the elastic over the other to make a diamond shape.)



Here are some of the terms and rules used by a group of Vietnamese girls who played 'High Jump' or 'One Elastic' at a Melbourne primary school in 1984. They have to jump over the stretched elastic to the other side. Sometimes the elastic is made by tying rubber bands together to make a long chain - this process is called 'butterflies'.

Knees (players must do 'no touches' - jump over without touching it)

Underbums (no touches)

Hips (At an agreed level - hips, waists, underarms - players start doing 'touches' by jumping over the elastic while flicking it down with one foot.)





One thumb (determined by the width of the fist plus one thumb above the head)

Ond hand (the height of one hand span above the head)

Straight arm (the arm is stretched as high as possible above the head)

Source: Play and Friendships in a Multi-cultural Playground, by Heather Russell, published by Australian Children's Folklore Publications, 1986