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For this game you need at least three players and room to run.

1. Choose who will be 'It'.

2. Players stand in a line. 'It' stands a few paces in front, facing them. There needs to be enough room behind 'It' to be able to run away from the other players.

3. 'It' thinks of a well-known person or thing. For example he could say "H.P. A person with the initials H.P." or "S.A. A place with the initials S.A."

4. The other players try to guess what the initials stand for by calling out different names. If they can't guess the answer, 'It' can give a clue, e.g. "It's a character in a book."

5. When the right name is called, 'It' turns and runs away.

6. When 'It' runs, the other players call out, "STOP!" and 'It' has to stand still.

7. The person who guessed right starts walking towards 'It', taking heel-to-toe steps and spelling out the answer as she goes – one step for each letter. (Heel-to-toe steps means you put one foot in front of the other with the heel of your front foot touching the toe of your back foot.)

8. When she finishes spelling the words, she has to try to touch 'It' by stretching out or lying on the ground.

9. If she touches 'It', they swap places and she becomes 'It' for the next game.

10. If nobody can guess the answer, 'It' tells them the answer and runs away. The other players call out 'STOP' and one of them spells out the answer in heel-to-toe steps and tries to touch 'It'.



1. The names should be well-known, to give people a chance to guess the right answer.

2. The names should be spelled correctly, with no letters left out or added.

3. 'It' is not allowed to move when the player is trying to touch him.