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This is a game where 'It' tags someone by throwing a ball at them. There are usually four people playing.

1. Each player chooses the name of a country, and marks out his territory on the ground as a large square of approx. 2-3 metres. The squares are usually close together:

2. Find out who's 'It' by counting out on feet or any other way you do it.

3. 'It' takes the ball and stands in the middle where the lines cross. He throws the ball in the air and calls out a country.

4. Everyone runs, except the player whose country was called (A), who runs in to get the ball. When he has the ball in his hands he calls out "STAY", and everyone stops running.

5. The player with the ball (A), takes five steps towards the nearest player (B) and throws the ball at him.

6. If the ball misses, A becomes 'It', and throws the ball up next time. If A hits B with the ball, B becomes 'It', and A is allowed to take as much of B's square as he can mark out from within his own square.

7. To mark off an area of B's square, A lies flat on the ground in his own square with his head towards B's territory. A raises himself up so only his toes and hands are touching the ground - his knees are not allowed to bend. He stretches out with chalk or a stick to mark off as much of B's square as he can in one go.

8. The area he marks off becomes part of his own territory (see curved section in diagram below).



1. 'It' is not allowed to call out the name of his own country when throwing the ball up.

2. The player whose country is called must be holding the ball in his hands before he can call out "STAY".

3. When players stop running they are not allowed to move their feet to avoid being hit, but they can move their bodies to duck or dodge the ball.

4. The five paces can be giant strides, but not jumps.

5. The person with the ball can aim for any of the other players, not just the nearest one. He might aim for the person whose land he wants to have.

6. When marking out an area, only the toes and the hands are allowed to touch the ground. If the knees or elbows touch while the area is being marked out, the player is not allowed to complete the action and doesn't get any extra land.

7. When marking out an area, the player's feet and the hand he balances on must be inside the boundary of his own territory. His territory includes the areas he's already taken from other players.

8. Land that has already been taken can be regained by the original owners or taken by other players as the game progresses.

9. The winner is the player with the most land at the end of the game.