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Oliver Twist


In this game you bounce a ball off a wall and do different actions before catching it again. The actions are done in time with a rhyme.

1. Start by saying the first part of the rhyme while bouncing the ball against the wall.

Practise throwing the ball when you say the underlined words, to keep in time with the rhyme.

Oliver Twist

Can you do this?

If so,

Do so.

2. When you have done this rhyme once, you can go on to do the actions.

Here is the whole rhyme with the actions:

Oliver Twist, (Bounce, catch)

Can you do this? (Bounce, catch)

If so, (Bounce, catch)

Do so. (Bounce, catch)

Number one, (Bounce, catch)

Touch your tongue. (Bounce, touch tongue, catch)

Number two, (Bounce, catch)

Touch your shoe. (Bounce, touch shoe, catch)

Number three, (Bounce, catch)

Touch your knee. (Bounce, touch knee, catch)

Number four, (Bounce, catch)

Touch the floor. (Bounce, touch ground, catch)

Number five, (Bounce, catch)

Make a hive. (Bounce, crouch with hands touching overhead, catch)

Number six, (Bounce, catch)

Touch the bricks. (Bounce, touch wall, catch)

Number seven, (Bounce, catch)

Go to heaven. (Bounce, jump in the air with your arms raised, catch)

Number eight, (Bounce, catch)

Touch your mate. (Bounce, touch your friend, catch)

Number nine, (Bounce, catch)

Touch your spine. (Bounce, touch your spine, catch)

Number ten, (Bounce, catch)

Start again. (Bounce, catch the ball and start again)




1. Each time you bounce the ball off the wall you have to catch it. You can use both hands.

2. Say the rhyme while doing each action. It might help if you practise without doing the actions until you can throw and catch the ball in time with the words.

3. As you say each action, do it before catching the ball.

4. If you drop the ball or make a mistake with the rhyme or an action it's the next person's turn.

5. When it's your turn again, start right from the beginning of the rhyme.

6. When you have been right through the rhyme once, start again, but this time catch the ball with only your right hand.

7. The next time use only your left hand.